About Us

About Us

Megan Soft VA Inc. is a software development company and our strategy is two-pronged. We specialize in HR services & application development apart from a host of other IT related services.

Megan Soft VA Inc believes in the core meaning of human resources which is building a team of personnel with significant asset of skills & abilities.

With the advent of the internet, no industry is untouched by the information technology applications.

To elaborate, Megan Soft VA Inc provides HR services in the form of permanent/temporary staffing for companies around the world. The company embraced this concept based on facts & figures meaning which the software skill development industry is growing by 60% annually and increasing by the day. Hence the need for skilled developers is humongous & we need are in the forefront of providing the same to our clients. We focus on providing permanent as well as temporary staffing to our clients across the board. Our technical is highly skilled and can cater to customized IT services to our clients and more importantly, on time.

We, at Megan Soft VA Inc, take pride in helping our clients optimize their IT operations and process systems & projects thereby assuring maximum return on investment in the form of providing value-added services. Our aim is to develop a sustained relationship with our clients by providing top-notch IT services so they can excel in their industry & make life better for everyone on this planet.

Our motto at Megan Soft VA Inc is “Customer First” which keeps us focused on customer needs & priorities which translates into providing customized solutions to our clients, as each organization is different.

We achieve this by acquiring the latest technologies and keeping abreast of continually changing technology which is a continuous learning curve.

Megan Soft VA Inc also specializes in application development by way of providing web & application development to suit individual client needs which includes services like data mining & aggregation. We have provided a plethora of services to our clients based on which we have established ourselves as a niche company.

Our wholesome approach & state-of-the art innovation places us a step above the competition and easy access to our clients. Our strategy & solutions are precise, comprehensive & time-tested which helps our clients take critical decisions.

In an increasingly competitive global arena, we nurture talent in its pristine state and transform it into a global force to reckon with. To facilitate this effort, we have collaborated with multiple academic institutions.

Our experience over the years in this field sheds light on our business acumen in delivering solutions to our clients on time & also staying ahead of the curve.